Lost Reavers Enters Open Beta For Wii U

If you’re familiar with Lost Reavers, an upcoming free-to-play action title from developers Bandai Namco Studios, then you may be interested in checking out the open beta. Announced through a Bandai Namco Entertainment press release, gamers outside of Japan can now check out the gameplay for Lost Reavers first hand just as long as they have a Wii U and can connect to the Nintendo Network.

Lost Reavers already released within Japan last year though the game will be making its way worldwide later this month. Overall, this free-to-play title puts four players into a group in which they must track down a treasured piece within various maps. The end goal for a match is to successfully bring the hidden piece of treasure to the extraction point, though in order to do so, gamers will have to rely on each other.

Set in groups of four, each player will take control of a samurai, a heavy-weapon tank-based character, a dual-wielding assassin, along with a fourth mysterious character who wields several weapons. As the group of players search through the map and fight off waves of enemies, they’ll come across the missing piece of treasure in which only one player can carry the item to its extraction point.

As the player travels to the extraction zone they will become unable to attack leaving it to the remaining three players to help fend off any enemy threats. Gamers can give Lost Reavers a try right now through the open beta though the game will launch officially on April 28, 2016, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U.