Kingdom Hearts III Voice Actor Wants Development Team To Speedup

Kingdom Hearts III
We’ve been patiently waiting for the release of Kingdom Hearts III since 2006 when Kingdom Hearts II released for the PlayStation 2. As we inch close and closer to a potential launch date announcement, news began to spread that certain voice actors for the game have yet to even step into Square Enix to reprise their roles. In fact, one voice actor went as far as tweeting out his frustrations about how slow the development team is the third main installment of the franchise.

Square Enix has been hard at work when it comes to Kingdom Hearts III though very little has been teased or shown off to fans of the franchise. The same can be said for the talent behind the scenes, giving life to the various characters in-game. Quinton Flynn, a voice actor who has worked with Kingdom Hearts portraying Axel, has yet to get any word on when Square Enix would like to see him step into the sound booth and record his lines.

The news came from his Twitter account asking when the new Kingdom Hearts video game is going into production as he has bills to pay.

Fans took to the cues and quickly ask if he had done any work on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III video game in which he noted that he has yet to do anything for game.

While Square Enix has been actively working on the upcoming video game, the development process will likely pick up significantly after the release of Final Fantasy XV.