Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3 Will See Return of Cloud Strife

Kingdom Hearts 3 News - CLOUDS Return Confirmed_! (BQ)
How much were you willing to bet that Cloud Strife would be returning for Kingdom Hearts 3? We may have our first verifiable, albeit unofficial, confirmation that he is coming back.

This comes from Cloud Strife’s US voice actor, Steve Burton. When asked about working on Kingdom Hearts 3, he had this to say:

On the side, Steve happens to voice both Cloud and Sephiroth, and both characters appeared in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. This means it is just as likely that Sephiroth will be returning for Kingdom Hearts 3 as well.

It would only stand to reason that Sephiroth would follow Cloud, as even in the Kingdom Hearts universe, they both bear grudges against each other. In the first two Kingdom Hearts games, they seek each other out, and when Cloud refuses to give in to the darkness as Sephiroth tells him to, the two fight. In both cases the final outcome of their battles is unclear, but it seems likely the two will merely clash again and again in game after game.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As of last January, we know that English voice acting recording has not yet started, making this rumor more believable. Fans were asking the franchise’s voice actors about the game as early as 2014. Back then, Sora’s voice actor, Haley Joel Osment, explained that he was not allowed to comment. You can watch our source video below.