Why Stranger’s Wrath (and other Oddworld titles) are unlikely to come to Nintendo

It's pretty terrible that Stranger's Wrath HD won't be coming to 360, that's entirely down to Microsoft. It's also not coming to the Wii, although that was presumed to be thanks to size restraints on the system. There was still the chance it was coming to the Wii U though, but Stewart Gilray, in an interview with Digital Foundry, revealed to be unlikely, due to how Nintendo handle their third-party digital titles.

"With regards to Nintendo," he said, "currently I'm not interested in working with them, or on their platform. Having developed a number of titles over the years for their various platforms, it's become increasingly apparent that unless you are published by Nintendo you don't tend to do very well.

"They also have this crazy regard to IP and refuse to sign NDAs with indie-developer/publishers, leaving us small guys open to having our ideas stolen with no recourse."

Never say never though: although I have no doubt Gilray knows quite a bit more about Wii U submission than the general public, with a new focus on digital titles, it wouldn't surprise me to find they lighten their attitude towards the NDAs and push non-Nintendo published titles on their service. By that point, however, it might be too late for Stranger's Wrath HD.