Bethesda’s E3 Schedule Confirmed: More Fallout And Elder Scrolls?

Bethesda E3
Bethesda has today confirmed in a press release the schedule for its second annual E3 media briefing which will take place on Sunday, June 12th.

The Bethesda E3 2016 Showcase will begin at 19:00 Pacific Time in the LA Hanger and will be followed an hour later by BE3 Plus live stream after the conference. Presumably, BE3 Plus will offer extended views of the games announced during the show.

At 21:00, an as yet unnamed band will provide entertainment.

If you’re going to be in Los Angeles in June, you can register for the event on Bethesda’s website for the chance to attend the conference in person. Around 1,000 fans were admitted last year and a range of food and drink will be provided to attendees.

id Software’s Doom is set for release on May 13th and we may learn about Bethesda’s DLC plans for the game during their conference. Additional DLC for Fallout 4 has been promised after the release of Far Harbor in May and the company might detail their plans during the show.

Dishonored 2 from Arkane Studios is also set for release this year and Bethesda has been pretty quiet about the game since its announcement last E3. We do know that the game takes place in the southern city of Karnaca instead of the original’s game Dunwall setting and allows players to once again take on the role of Corvo or choose the now grown-up Empress Emily Kaldwin who is deposed and must fight to retake her throne.

It’s probably much too early to hear anything about the next Elder Scrolls game so soon after Fallout 4 but additional details about forthcoming content for The Elder Scrolls Online may be announced.