Duelyst Officially Launches At The End Of April, Big Changes Incoming

, the competitive online tactical game with CCG elements, will be leaving its open beta phase. Its developer Counterplay Games announced that the game will enter version 1.0 with the release of an animated trailer, which plays when you launch the game.

I’ve lavished praise on Duelyst, which I believe offers a good balance between collectible card game elements with turn-based tactical gameplay. It’s a game that’ll appeal to both fans of Hearthstone and titles like XCOM.

The game has been largely feature complete since going into open beta and shedding its open beta label will allow the developers to focus on the development of upcoming expansions, two of which are planned for the game.

Nothing will change when the game is officially launched on April 27. However, in the weeks leading up to the game’s official launch, the game will see a few major changes—the first of which has already gone live. Players now draw one card per turn instead of two, and start with a hand of five cards instead of three. Other changes to the rules may be in store.

Additionally, once the game launches, the developers intend to add new play modes in addition to patches and regular updates.

You can sign up to play Duelyst for free. See you on the battlefield.