Oculus Rift Has Data Collecting Software And Checks When You Turn It On

Oculus Rift shipped
Oculus Rift customers have discovered that their new VR headset has data collecting software, that goes as far as check every time you turn it on.

The moment you install the Rift’s software, it installs a process called OVRServer_x64.exe. OVRServer_x64.exe automatically gets all permissions to get data from your computer, and it is this process that checks every time you turn your Oculus Rift on. Of course, every time you go online, it sends this data back to Oculus VR – and its owner, Facebook.

Data collection is a major component of the Rift. They collect data from your computer about how you use their services (this includes cookies, local storage, and pixels), how you access these services (including identifying if you’re using your headset, PC, or a phone, as well as browser data and IP addresses), the content you access on the Rift, including games and apps, and of course, location information. Even the data pertaining to your VR use, meaning your physical movements when using the Rift, are recorded and collected.

What Oculus VR and Facebook are using with the data is very predictable. Their terms and conditions indicate that they intend to use this collected data to market products and services back to you. Of course, it will also be used for more mundane purposes, such as improving services and enabling communication with other users. However, users should know that third parties also have access to this information and can use it for their own purposes.

Are you OK with Oculus Rift’s data collection? Would this discourage you from getting the Rift, or any VR device? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.