Final Fantasy XV Does Not Need 10 Million Sales To Profit

Hajime Tabata Final Fantasy XV
Recently, Final Fantasy XV was shown off during a Square Enix event known as Final Fantasy Uncovered. The event led to some pretty big announcements regarding Final Fantasy XV and shortly after, it was reported that the development team would need to move ten million units in order for the team to see any profit. That report has now been clarified by Square Enix as to what that number represents.

After the reports of ten million units need to be sold in order for the game to be a success, director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, has spoken to Famitsu and later translated by Final Fantasy fan site Novacrystallis, in what the ten million units is all about for the development team.

According to Hajime Tabata, the ten million units is simply a goal for the development team to further think of ideas on how to achieve such a massive number.

Apparently, this ten million sells figure doesn’t represent the exact number that developers Square Enix will need to reach in order to claim the game as a success. This is something that we’ll likely never know, but there’s a big push in bringing Final Fantasy to a wide audience and not just the long-time fans of the series.

For instance, the game is being met with a CG feature-length film with big name actors attached to it, along with a five episode standalone anime series that will be uploaded for free on YouTube before the game launches.

As it stands right now, Final Fantasy XV will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this September 30, 2016. However, it was recently revealed that the game may make its way onto the PC platform after the console version of the game launches.