The Division’s Endgame Is About To Get So Much Bigger

Ubisoft’s newly released The Division doesn’t have much of an endgame right now, but all of that is about to get very different. The studio announced today during a livestream, which you can see here, that they’re planning to add a whole lot of new content to the game, giving players much more to do once they hit the max level.

The biggest addition are incursions, which function as raids in The Division. These incursions require a larger party and provide players with better loot. Unlike Destiny, which has no matchmaking system for its raids, players will be able to use the in-game matchmaking to find companions to partake in incursions. The first of these will be set in a water treatment facility—it’s due out on April 12.

Incursions will be more difficult than regular missions, and though they may not feature Destiny’s unique elements such as timed puzzles, players will still face a challenge as they won’t be able to rely on checkpoints should they die.

Players who want to participate in incursions will have a recommended gear level to make sure everyone’s adequately equipped to handle the fights. Gear level is another thing that’s being implemented to the game. Similar to Destiny’s light levels and World of Warcraft’s item levels, gear levels will allow players to essentially level up beyond level 30 by equipping better gear. The game’s matchmaking system will handle all of it, so players won’t have to burden themselves with making sure their teammates have the right levels.

Here’s what’s being added:

  • Gear levels
  • Incursions in “hard” and “challenge” difficulties
  • Gear sets, which can be acquired through blueprints and random loot. Equipping various parts of the same gear set will confer a unique talent, similar to Diablo III’s set items
  • Trading. Players will be able to trade items with their party members provided that the item was generated within the instance. Items have a two-hour limit before they become untradeable
  • Daily missions. Players will be able to take on bounties and assignments to kill certain types of enemies or clear out an area.
  • Supply drops in the Dark Zone. Every hour, the Dark Zone will receive a set of supply drops that contain high-level equipment at a random position anywhere in the area. Players will have to fight each other for the loot because it will be limited to a single squad.