Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Launches Today

Fans of the Don’t Starve video game by development team Klei Entertainment can now enjoy the latest expansion, Shipwrecked. This time around, players will have to survive the harsh and unforgiving environment of a tropical archipelago after crashing into an island. If you played Don’t Starve and any of its previous expansions then you know it’s no walk in the park preventing Wilson from meeting his demise.

Don’t Starve is a video game created by developers  Klei Entertainment and is often described as Minecraft meets Tim Burton. The overall plot to the game is keeping the protagonist, a scientist named Wilson, alive. That’s definitely easier said than done as the game is set in harsh unforgiving locations with enemies lurking about.

Some of the gauges players will have to keep track of are Wilson’s health, hunger, and mental stability. This time around, developers Klei Entertainment has partnered up with CAPY, creators of Super Time Force and Below, in order to bring out their latest expansion, Shipwrecked.

Within Shipwrecked, players will find Wilson being marooned on a tropical archipelago with brand new biomes, seasons, and creatures. This expansion has launched officially today on the PC for download, though you’ll have to own the full Don’t Starve video game in order to enjoy the expansion.

Currently, this latest expansion will run players $4.99 on Steam, GOG, and Humble. Additionally, Klei Entertainment and CAPY has released a brand new animated launch trailer for Shipwrecked which you can view up above.