Destiny Companion Now Available On iPad

Destiny companion app
Bungie has revealed that their Destiny Companion app is now available on the Apple iPad store.

Bringing the app to iPad gave Bungie an opportunity to add new features, as they outline below:

  • Browse all of the latest and greatest Community Creations
  • Rate your favorites and help us create new legends
  • Search for Gear across all your Characters and your Vault
  • Easily equip or transfer gear ideal for specific missions
  • Track your progress in completing Bounties, Quests, and earning Reputation
  • Change up which Quests and Bounties you want to track in game
  • See all the Activities available in Destiny
  • Track your progress through Raids and Weekly Missions
  • View the Missions and Activities you have yet to complete this week
  • Track the progress of your friends to see who else has Activities to complete

You can download the Destiny Companion app for iPad on iTunes here.