Rumor: NX More Powerful Than PS4/Xbox One, Easy To Develop For

Nintendo NX
New rumors have come forward suggesting Nintendo has finally listened and made NX what fans want it to be.

Game reviewer and critic Indie Gamer Chick has stepped forward to corroborate what rumors about the Nintendo NX she has confirmed are true and not true. After the recent faked leaks for the NX controllers, these rumors are not just refreshingly welcome, but exciting.

Here’s the quick rundown of what IGC says about the NX:

  • The report that NX is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is ‘technically’ true.
  • The NX is easy to develop for.
  • In connection to the above point, the NX also has the best development tools ever. Developers who have received their kits have been satisfied with them.
  • Bear in mind that consoles being easy to develop for do not necessarily mean it will be easy to port games to. Its predecessor, the Wii U, is apparently easy to develop for as well, but hard to optimize on.
  • There will be multiple options for controlling the NX.
  • Lastly, and in line with IGC’s interests, Nintendo has good plans for indies on the NX.

While both NX controller fakers have owed up to their actions, IGC also corroborated that the rumors of the NX controller are completely false. IGC has nothing to say about other rumors, such as whether the Wii U will end production this year, or whether the NX will be confirmed and released this year as well.

These rumors seem more reasonable than others, but none of this has been confirmed either. What do you make of these newer NX rumors? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. You can read IGC’s tweets below.