Bravely Second’s Newest Trailers Tell You To Begin The Journey

Bravely Second_ End Layer - Begin The Journey (720p).mp4_snapshot_02.00_[2016.03.26_22.02.13]
Square Enix has shared the newest trailers for Bravely Second: End Layer, telling fans that it’s time for them to begin the journey.

The first Begin the Journey trailer is a nice little summary of events. Agnes Oblige, now Pope of Luxendarc, has been kidnapped by Kaiser Oblivion. An army of knights have gone after her, but no one has survived the dangerous trek save for Yew Geneolgia, who was one of Agnes’ guards. Yew is joined by new and old friends alike:

  • Edea Lee, and old friend of Agnes and now a Knights-Captain,
  • Magnolia Arch, a monster-killing emissary from the moon, and
  • Tiz Arrior, Agnes’ old friend from Bravely Default who wakes himself up from a coma to rescue her.

The trailer also explains how combat works. As Bravely Default fans already know, the series distinguishes itself from the pack with the Brave point system. Your characters earn one Brave point with every turn. You can choose to Default and use a turn like normal to save a Brave point. However, you can also choose to Brave, using one or more points to take one or more multiple actions in advance. Choosing when to save Brave points and when to use them could mean the difference in fighting another day.

Bravely Second: End Layer will release exclusively on the 3DS in Europe on February 26 and US on April 15. You can watch the Begin the Journey trailer, and a shorter made-for-TV commercial, below. You can watch another trailer, featuring the new jobs, and read about the standalone demo.