Here’s What Telltale Said About Their Batman Game in SXSW

telltale batman
Telltale Games has shared some key details about their upcoming Batman game at this year’s SXSW event.

Previously, all we knew about the project is that it was already well deep in development, and that Telltale promised more details at SXSW. Telltale first revealed the game at last year’s The Game Awards.

Telltale’s Batman will be set in the contemporary Batman universe, and not tied down to any previous interpretation of him. (Note: In the current DC comics continuity, Batman is once again presumed deceased after the events of Batman: Endgame.) They have also committed to an art style that is less photorealistic and more reminiscent of the comic books, name-dropping diverse artists like Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, and Neal Adams.

telltale batman script
Telltale sees Batman as a perfect fit for their style of game, and they see an opportunity to delve into the mind of the man behind the mask. Batman’s choices have consequences that affect Gotham, the criminals he fights, and even his close friends.

The focus will be on Batman and Bruce Wayne, so don’t expect to get to play as Robin, Batgirl, or other allies. On the other hand, Telltale promises appearances by side characters like Alfred, Vicki Vale, Commissioner Gordon, and Renee Montoya. As for villains, Telltale has chosen to keep them secret for now.

Finally, in keeping with other Telltale series, Telltale’s Batman is going for an M rating, with themes approaching an R-rated film.

Telltale’s Batman is planned for release this summer. It will be released on home consoles, PC, and mobile.