XCOM 2: Anarchy’s Children DLC Adds A Host Of New Soldier Customizations

Gamers who purchased the Reinforcement Pack for XCOM 2 will be happy to know that the first DLC, Anarchy’s Children, is now available for download on Steam. It’s one of three packs planned for the game throughout 2016, and you can get it separately for $4.99 if you don’t want to pick up the full pack. Firaxis advises that if you own the pack, you should absolutely not Anarchy’s Children. Keep in mind that you’ll need a Steam account to play the game and pick up the DLC.

The new DLC comes in the wake of last week’s major patch release, which added a host of improvements and bug fixes to the base game. In an effort to prepare the game for Anarchy’s Children, Firaxis has released a new patch that also includes some minor changes that will affect the base game, including giving soldiers four new slots to attach additional pieces of armor: left/right arm, and left/right shoulder. Anarchy’s Children gives new armor pieces to be used in these slots, but anyone with the base game will also be able to take advantage of the update with mods. Modders intending to design new items for the game will not have to buy the DLC to create new customizations for those slots.

Here’s what the new patch includes:

  • Anarchy’s Children compatibility changes
  • Players will now be able to press “Load Anyways” when loading a save when the mods used are not present
  • Fixed the sort order of available targets in shot HUD
  • Corrected an issue causing Grenadier’s demolition to fail to update the target’s cover status
  • Adds “Zip Mode” description text

Screenshots can be seen below.