Below’s Latest Trailer Reveals Release Sometime Summer 2016

If you’ve been waiting to play Below then you’re in luck, you’ll only have to wait just a bit longer. Thanks to a new trailer that released after the IGF Awards, we’re finally getting the games next upcoming release window and it seems to be set for a launch this summer. This is certainly good news for fans who have been following this game since its announcement during E3 2013.

Below is a top-down adventure video game where players take on the role of a tiny warrior who must explore a remote island. Through exploration, players will find enemies lurking about though it won’t be an easy fight. Developers Capybara Games developed Below to showcase brutal but fair combat and you’ll also want to factor in the permanent death aspect as once players die they are forced to start over.

The game is set to release for both Microsoft Windows and Xbox One though it’s missed a number of release dates. Originally, Below was supposed to meet a release during 2014 but after a series of delays, the game is now finally getting a new launch window with developers aiming to release Below sometime this summer, but given its track history, we’re crossing our fingers Capybara Games is able to release the game without any additional issues.

As stated, Below received a brand new trailer which you can view above. The trailer is titled “Death’s Door” and it gives players another little glimpse as to the location and enemies that will stand in your way.

You can also check out a few new screenshots below.