Shadowverse Officially Enters Closed Beta

Fans of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, better known as just Hearthstone, or other card based combat video games may take an interest in a new upcoming card-based title known as Shadowverse which has officially entered closed beta for both iOS and Android. Furthermore, two pro-Hearthstone players Reynad and Trump tried the game out on Twitch and you can see what they think of the title down below.

Shadowverse plays out very similarly to Blizzard’s popular Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. With several classes and a total of four hundred different cards, Shadowverse will allow players to create their own unique and strategic custom decks. Much like Hearthstone, there are a variety of rules placed on the cards such as taunts and charges. However, one aspect that is completely different compared to Hearthstone is that there are cards within Shadowverse that evolve after so many predetermined turns. Once evolved, these cards can raise attack and defense which adds a whole different element within the game.

If you’re familiar with pro-Hearthstone players Reynad and Trump then you may want to check out their Twitch stream videos that share their experience of the game along with their overall thoughts and critiques. For now, players are able to join in and signup to participate in a closed beta of the game in which the players who accepted will receive three card packs along with the ability to invite a friend to join in the closed beta. So far, the game is only available for iOS and Android though the game will exit its closed beta on March 24, 2016. As for the official release date, Shadowverse is slated to release at some point this year.