EA Registers Trademark For New Game Called Javelin

Electronic Arts logo
EA has been found registering a trademark and domains for a new game called Javelin.

As you can see in the screenshots below, EA filed a wordmark with Europe’s OHIM, and filed applications for the domains Javelingame.org and Javelingame.com, respectively.

Javelin EA Wordmark OHIM

EA Javelingame org domain

EA Javelingame com domain

No word as of yet what kind of game Javelin is, but it does not seem connected to any of their current properties at this time. Electronic Arts does have rights to make Star Wars games, and they have also at least one active annualized franchise with the Battlefield games. They also have some upcoming remakes and sequels of other games in their library, including Mass Effect Andromeda, planned for release by Q1 2017, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which will be releasing in May 24, 2016 to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

This is merely speculation on my part, but it seems more likely that Javelin is a completely new property than that it is connected to older titles. The domain and wordmark registrations draw attention to themselves precisely because it does not appear connected to any of Electronic Arts’ previous titles, or of any games made by any of the video game companies they have acquired, nor of other properties they have picked up via other means.

Of course, because of the laws and rules regarding filing patents, trademarks, domains, etc., names and titles of video games are often revealed far in advance of official announcements. Video game companies are often compelled to reveal their games after these filings are publicly disclosed. So, we may not have to wait long before EA reveals exactly what Javelin is.

What kind of game do you hope Javelin is? What platforms would you like to see it on? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.