Gary the Gull Announced For PlayStation VR

A new video game announcement was revealed on the PlayStation Blog and this time, it’s from Limitless Ltd. According to the post, players will experience an interactive movie with gameplay elements as players begin their journey on a tropical island with a talking seagull. An interesting aspect of the development team is that there are plenty of ex-Pixar employees which means this interactive movie may prove to be worth the pickup for that reason alone. Regardless, take a look at the upcoming Gary the Gull teaser above.

The announcement of Gary the Gull came from Tom Sanocki, the founder of Limitless Ltd. Tom spoke of his previous work with animation for Pixar where he had the opportunity in creating films such as Finding Nemo, Cars, and Up, along with his time at Bungie where he worked on character and cinematics for Destiny. Since then, he was looking to continue working on two passions of his, movies and video games.

Limitless Ltd was created from past employees of both Pixar and Bungie where they took an interest in making an interactive movie through the upcoming PlayStation VR headset. The idea became the game known as Gary the Gull which places players on a beach where they meet a talking seagull named Gary, one that players can interact with by nodding to Gary’s questions or ignoring him altogether.

There’s no indication as to when we can expect Gary the Gull, but it’s noted within the blog post that Limitless Ltd is releasing the interactive character technology used in the game for others to use in creating virtual reality content for the PlayStation VR. More information is said to be revealed at this year’s GDC.