Minecraft Looks Incredible In Unreal Engine 4

If you ever wondered what Minecraft would look like through Unreal Engine 4 then you’re in luck. YouTuber and developer John Alcatraz decided to make a voxel-based video game while using Unreal Engine 4, the results are spectacular. Since the game wasn’t meant to be a complete clone of Minecraft, the creator admits that he used Minecraft textures through the public domain in order to achieve his goal when creating the video game.

According to John Alcatraz, he had no prior knowledge of how Minecraft or other voxel-based video games were developed. Instead, John did everything from scratch as he worked on blueprints for the video game with Unreal Engine 4. The visual similarities started to really show after John used Minecraft created textures that were available online completely free within the public domain. John stated in a post through the Unreal Engine forums that the reason behind picking up these textures was simply because he’s not skilled as an artist.

Regardless, the video captured by this voxel-based video game truly shows off the visual enhancements compared to Mojang’s Minecraft title. Not only is the blocks sharper, but the lighting is clearly vivid. You can take a look at the posted video up above that shows off the overall visuals of “World of Blocks” along with some of the gameplay mechanics in building and collecting the various resources around the world such as dirt and wood. What do you think of the new voxel-based video game? Let us know if you like the visuals or if you prefer the more pixelated feel that Mojang originally released.