Playstation Move has a 22 millisecond delay

Mark Green, senior designer behind PlayStation Move’s software at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, revealed in a recent interview on Sony’s official website that the upcoming hand-held motion controller has a 22 millisecond or 0.022 second delay. He also quashed any concerns over the fact whether the upcoming motion controller is accurate or not.

Green said,

The PlayStation Move system follows the movement of the controller in three dimensional space whilst the camera tracks the sphere for location – and the PS3 system processes and puts it all on screen. For games ranging from SOCOM to LittleBigPlanet 2, accuracy and ease is crucial.
So I can tell you that it is accurate to the nearest millimetre, precise in motion tracking and likewise in seeing where the controllers are in 3D space. Its reaction time, from movement to delivering to the screen, is just 22 milliseconds and on screen it is pixel precise.
To put that in perspective the system is five times faster than that of a typical human’s reflexes!

Green also revealed that the “Move team” has plans to show a range of games compatible with Playstation Move and concluded the interview by saying, “My mission is simple, to let everyone see how far this moves motion control interfaces on by trying it for themselves.