Rumor: Devil May Cry 5 Might Already Be In Development

There is now reason to believe that Devil May Cry 5 is in active development, thanks to a Facebook post by the franchise’s regular performance actors.

Johnny Yong Bosch, who plays Nero in Devil May Cry 4, shared a picture of himself with Ruben Langdon on Facebook. The two are real life friends, but this picture raised eyebrows because they were in motion capture suits. You can see the picture from the now deleted Facebook post below:

Devil-May-Cry-5 Reuben Langdon Johnny Young Bosch

Our source points out that Ruben plays Dante in Devil May Cry 3 and 4, and this is where they draw the conclusion that this picture is of Devil May Cry 5 in development. If their speculation is true, then Devil May Cry 5 is  already in an advanced state of development, since Capcom was committed enough to have had the writing finished and ready for performance capture by the actors themselves. However, it may also be possible that the two actors are auditioning to be recast again, or simply working on a different title altogether.

Capcom has repeatedly denied plans to make a Devil May Cry 5 when asked by the press. Last October, Capcom producers Masachika Kawata and Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated they do not plan to make sequels for it, or for Resident Evil and Dragon’s Dogma. Instead, they are pursuing remakes for these older games, as they see it as a high growth area. However, last June, Kobayashi stated that if they were going to make a Devil May Cry 5 , that it would be developed for PlayStation 4 for sure. More recently, PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya has been making Twitter polls asking if he should go back to Devil May Cry or his other franchises.

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