Bioware Montreal looking for Multiplayer Programmers

Mass Effect 2

A job listing at EA’s official website has revealed that Mass Effect developer – BioWare Montreal is looking for a multiplayer programmer. According to the company profile in the listing,

We are working on Mass Effect, one of the industry’s most beloved and acclaimed franchises, as we build our way toward becoming a fully self-sufficient Bioware studio. If you want to help us achieve our mission of delivering the best story-driven games in the world, and you dream of being part of a dynamic, talented and focused team, now is the time to get onboard.”

Position Overview(Translated from French)

Multiplayer Programmers ensure the game engine and game systems work reliably and efficiently in a multiplayer environment. They work with both the front and back ends to take existing single player user experiences and make them multiplayer safe.

The position also requires – experience with the Unreal Engine and Bioware’s currently known franchises include Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Just to narrow it down, out of the three Unreal Engine is only being used by Mass Effect. So does this mean Mass effect is going multiplayer?

*EA has denied to comment on rumors and speculation.