Imgur to Boycott GoDaddy Over SOPA Support

GoDaddy is pretty much one of the biggest super villains on the internet right now thanks to their support for SOPA. Despite backtracking and pulling their support for the act recently, websites big and small are moving their domains – including Imgur.

The image hosting giant, which you’re probably familiar with as they host a lot of screenshots and gaming memes, told our own Ian Miles Cheong via twitter today that they’re currently working on switching hosts as part of the GoDaddy boycott.

This is definitely a good move, as SOPA would pretty much obliterate Imgur’s content, as well as Reddit. Redditors pretty much solely use Imgur for their image hosting, which is where one can assume a huge chunk of their traffic comes from.

Other big hitters to bail on GoDaddy include Wikipedia, their Wikia websites and Reddit. Fair enough, too, because if a CEO who kills elephants for fun wasn’t enough to ruin GoDaddy for you, supporting SOPA should be.