Deck13’s The Surge Receives First Gameplay Footage

You’ve likely heard of Deck13’s previously released video game, Lords of the Fallen, which was easily labeled as a Dark Souls clone. Now with their latest IP, Deck13 takes gamers far into the future for a new action role-playing title known as The Surge. Players will be facing against technology that turned on its masters leaving gamers lobbing off the limbs of their fellow humans who have been infected from their previously attached augmentations. Now we can finally get a look at the first video gameplay footage of the upcoming Deck13 title.

We’re still relatively in the dark as to the finer details of The Surge. Previously revealed, we know that this latest video game entry from Deck13 will bring players into the future during an apocalyptic world after advanced technology has turned on humanity leaving players to face against man and machine in order to reclaim the world once again. It’s also noted by Deck13’s Marco Süß that players will find a crafting aspect to play a massive role during the game progression of The Surge. While taking off limbs and slaughtering these infected humans, players can harvest their various components to make upgrades of their own.

So far it’s unknown just when the video game will be launched. There’s a hint of a 2017 release as Deck13 is still very much early into the development with this gameplay footage alone being merely a pre-alpha version of the game. However, it has been revealed that The Surge will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.