New Community Maps For Dying Light: The Following Have It All

A new patch update has been issued for Dying Light: The Following– Enhanced Edition, and Techland is saddling it up with a set of community maps now available to all players.

In the debut trailer above, Techland teases the four new maps, each with their own individual themes based on other entertainment and video game genres: Under the City, “a choice-based horror story”, Climb Down, “an arcade-style parkour experience”, The Hunter, a “survival quest in a horde-infested forest”, and TeeVee – a “visual nightmare best experienced in the dark”. From the looks of the footage provided, it appears that these new maps experiment with mechanics and styles completely foreign to traditional Dying Light gameplay, so if you love the game but need a fresh challenge to revitalize your interest, this may be just the thing.

The update will also include bug fixes, stability improvements, and balance tweaks, however no patch notes have yet been issued to specify what those entail. The new content will go live today at 10 AM PST.

Dying Light: The Following–Enhanced Edition was released on February 9, 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Recently Techland announced that with the success of the expansion, they’ve decided to extend support for the game through the end of this year.  We previewed the DLC before its release and at the time had this to say:

“…the biggest new feature, the addition of drivable buggies, is a lot of fun. While initially adding vehicles to a game that features narrow, cluttered streets as such an integral part of its design seems unwise, in execution it works out well. …The open wide spaces allow you to speedily zip from one place to another. The buggies themselves handle beautifully, responding to direction with tight, precise control.” To read more of our thoughts on that, be sure to check out the preview in full.