Dying Light Will Be Supported With New Content Until The End Of This Year

In light of the positive reception to the recent release of Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition, Techland has announced today that they intend to support the game with new content until at least the end of this year. While no content has yet been revealed, the developers are reaching out to fans to request their stories, ideas, and suggestions for the future of the game’s DLC. In an open letter, the company’s CEO says they’re humbled by the response to The Following and asks that players reach out to them to give their input as to what they would like to see happen with Dying Light, saying:

“We strongly believe in active collaboration between our design team and you, players who every day fight for survival in the world of Dying Light.”

Techland has released a trailer, entitled Accolades, celebrating the favorable reviews that Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition has received so far. You can check that out above.

Dying Light: The Following boasts a brand new world twice the size of the base game’s map of Harran. It also features the addition of buggies, which should help you traverse all that open farmland in the game’s new location. We recently had the chance to take these tough little vehicles out for a test drive, and our thoughts were:

“…the biggest new feature, the addition of drivable buggies, is a lot of fun. While initially adding vehicles to a game that features narrow, cluttered streets as such an integral part of its design seems unwise, in execution it works out well. The setting of The Following is more rural, steering the game’s core gameplay towards combat and driving, as opposed to the stealth and parkour tactics necessary to survival in Harran. There are prairies and fields that both necessitate and accommodate the buggies, and the open wide spaces allow you to speedily zip from one place to another. The buggies themselves handle beautifully, responding to direction with tight, precise control.”

The Enhanced Edition debuted on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and PC on February 9, 2016. For more on Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition, be sure to check out the Gameranx site tag for all the latest posts.