Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition Launches With An Official Trailer

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition arrives today, and with it, a trailer heralding its release. This latest video from Techland illustrates the struggle of our hero Kyle as he travels to the countryside outside of Harran to discover the secret to the locals’ immunity to the virus plaguing the city. There he is met with distrust as he pursues a cure, encountering a cult who may have the answers locked away behind rituals, violence or perhaps, spiritual discovery.

Dying Light: The Following boasts a brand new world twice the size of the base game’s map of Harran. It also features the addition of buggies, which should help you traverse all that open farmland in the game’s new location. The buggies can be upgraded with boosts and enhancements that will help you tear through crowds of lumbering zombies, and a new Drive skill tree will strengthen your skills as your experience grows. As part of the Enhanced Edition it is bringing with it a new bounty system and a Nightmare mode, which will dramatically increase the difficulty of the game while providing substantial XP bonuses for the player. Enhanced Edition will also include all the DLC neatly bundled with the original game, including the Be the Zombie multiplayer mode, The Bozak Horde game mode, the #DrinkForDLC content rewards, and more.

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