The Map In Far Cry Primal Is Built Off Of Far Cry 4

Well, we’ve all heard of games reusing assets from their predecessors before but this is a new one. Gamepressure is reporting that the map in Far Cry Primal is based on the one from Far Cry 4.

The observation was first made by Polish fans of the game who then forwarded their evidence to Gamepressure. Comparing the maps of Far Cry 4‘s location of Kyrat and that of Oros from Far Cry Primal, it appears the rivers and bodies of water are laid out in an almost identical pattern, as seen in the photos below.

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The similarities are not limited to the layout of the water. Some of the spots on the Far Cry 4 map that had bridges correspond to places on the Far Cry Primal map that now have water fords, and Takkar’s Village is located in the same position as one of the villages in Far Cry 4. All together, it seems a bit too on the nose to be a coincidence. Reportedly a source has even privately confirmed to Kotaku that the rumors are true.

As a fan does this bother you? We may find more instances of re-used assets as time goes on. I just started playing Far Cry Primal today and my ears picked up on a bit of audio from Far Cry 4. It wasn’t anything major, but it does make me wonder if the repetitive elements of the game won’t be limited to the crafting and hunting systems. |

Far Cry Primal debuted first on February 26, 2016 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a release on PC on March 1. A Day One patch was issued, addressing some of the many bugs and errors that players experienced with their PC copy. For more on the game be sure to check out all the latest posts on the Gameranx site tag.