Ash’s Room From Pokémon As You’ve Never Seen It Before

YouTuber Jarlan Perez has posted a new video showing how Ash’s room from the original Pokémon games might look in Unreal Engine 4 to honour the 20th anniversary of the series.

“Watching the Sun and Moon announcement trailer really inspired me to finish this project. I owned every single one of the GameBoys that they showed in the trailer and the main reason was to play Pokémon,” Jarlan said.

The room is a little different to the one in the games and it’s smaller too. Instead of stairs to the lower floor, there’s a door to the rest of the house and a bunk bed. Looking around you can see a modern laptop with Pokémon box, items, and more.

On the desk, the Kanto region’s gym badges are laid out on the table along with six Pokéballs carrying Ash’s team and a Pokédex. On another table, there are a number of special Pokéballs including a Master Ball.

Last week saw the release of Pokémon Blue, Red, and Yellow on the Virtual Console of the 3DS eShop. The games unchanged and even include glitches from the originals. Pokémon caught in the games can be exported to the Pokémon Bank and transferred to the recently announced Pokémon Sun or Moon when those games are released later this year.

Yesterday, we reported on a video that depicted Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series as a Pokémon game.

This video makes you wonder what might be possible if a core Pokémon game was developed for Wii U or Nintendo’s upcoming NX platform.