Far Cry Primal PC Day One Patch Tweaks Expert Mode, Brings General Fixes

Ubisoft has released a Day One patch for Far Cry Primal. The patch makes tweaks to expert mode and fixes aspects of the game all around.

For expert mode, player health has been cut in half from what hard mode levels. Aim assist has been reduced, with a smaller aim assist box for several weapons, and AI shoots a third as much faster. Players also deal less damage to enemies, and those same enemies will be able to track you when you hide from longer distances. They also won’t appear on the mini map by default, only showing up if you tag them.

In terms of performance, overall stability has been improved and the game also underwent overall optimization. Lighting has also been improved.

Wide screen monitor and multiple monitor support has been added in. Fixes have also been made for PCs with multiple GPU configurations.

For gameplay, weapons and HUD have a better reticle display, and beasts received several types of fixes. Beast companion behavior has been improved, as well as animal fighting behavior, particularly when fights are triggered. Some small animation issues, including the visuals for the mammoth when it destroys objects, have been fixed.

Improvements have been made to weapon animations, player navigation and collission, camera transition, and collision issues during cinematics. Also fixed for cinematics are issues when holding lit weapons at nighttime.

The UI has been tweaked further. Camera and character controls have been improved. The HUD has also been fixed to work with more resolutions.

In terms of design, XP rewards have been balanced out. Some recipes have had their damage ratio tweaked. Overall, the game has been balanced out.

Ubisoft earlier revealed that the Day One patch would also add Expert mode. Haven’t bought Far Cry Primal yet? Read our guide before you buy.