No Man’s Sky Has An Actual Release Date Now

Hello Games’ massive space-faring game No Man’s Sky will be released for PC and PlayStation 4 on June 21st in North America and on June 24th in Europe, the developer announced today.

The game’s release date was announced by Hello Games’ studio head Sean Murray at a recent press event attended by GameSpot.

Hello Games is a small studio but No Man’s Sky is shaping up to be insanely ambitious, with 18 quintillion planets procedurally generated and offering a wide variety of different climates, challenges, and inhabitants.

Players will have the option to upgrade their suit, weapons, and spaceships as they explore with a high likelihood of discovering something no other player has. The game will also players to interact with alien races and even engage in their wars while leaving mark on uncharted planets.

No Man’s Sky was originally revealed at the end of 2013 during the VGX award show and has been eagerly anticipated ever since. Speaking to GameSpot, Murray said No Man’s Sky is a “perfect fit for virtual reality.”

Murray seemed enthusiastic about the prospect of bringing the game to PlayStation VR but stopped short of making any commitment to developing the game for the headset.

“I think that No Man’s Sky, which is this infinite computer generated universe, and PlayStation VR, which is a headset that you put on and enter a VR space is like, it’s like you’ve asked me when I was five what the future would look like,” Murray said.

Earlier this week Sony leaked the game’s price as $60 and the fact that pre-orders open from today. Pre-ordering through will see you receive an exclusive ship.