Xbox Marketing Head Suggests Gears Of War 4 Could Come To PC

Gears of War 4
Xbox games marketing head Aaron Greenberg has recently dropped hints that Gears Of War 4 could join Killer Instinct and other previous Xbox One exclusives to PC.

In a new interview, Greenberg talked in earnest about Microsoft’s recent moves to bring Xbox One games to Windows 10. In the same interview, he named Gears Of War 4 as a console exclusive. However, he did so alongside other Xbox One games that have now also been confirmed for Windows 10. These are Recore and Halo Wars 2.

You can read Greenberg’s exact words below:

“That said, as first party we will continue to invest in the creation of great console exclusives like Gears of War 4, ReCore, Halo Wars 2 and similar titles. We believe in building one big ecosystem of games.”

Our source notes there were prior rumors that Gears Of War 4 would be coming to PC. However, now that Microsoft has revealed their plans to unify PC and Xbox One into a single ecosystem, it’s really not that farfetched to believe that the game could be coming to the platform in the future.

The more pressing question now would be if Gears Of War 4 for PC would come as an UWA, or Universal Windows Applications, or if it will be a native port to Windows 10, that would allow developer The Coalition to properly tweak the port with all the customizable bells and whistles, such as 4K support. Fans are also likely to be curious if it will have features of other cross-platform Xbox One / Windows 10 games, such as cross buy, cross save, and cross play.

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