New Modes Coming to Modern Warfare 3

Though nothing has been officially announced as to what content the first batch of Modern Warfare 3 DLC will be (except the fact that it will be overpriced as per usual), Infinity Ward's Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, did confirm that additional gameplay modes are in talks.

"We're discussing some additional modes now, I'll let you know when you can expect that," Bowling tweeted to a follower who gallantly suggested that creating hardcore headquarters and other modes "shouldn't be that hard, fuck!"

In addition, he confirmed that the number of players in Survival mode will not be altered.

I'll be honest and admit that–because of how the headline was worded–I thought bowling was going to be a new mode in the game and I immediately said to myself "You know what? Why the hell not?"

I'm not sure if I am disappointed or relieved.