Mind Zero Release Date Announced

aksysExciting news. Aksys Games and Acquire have announced a release date for action RPG Mind Zero. The game is set to drop via Steam on March 8.

Mind Zero follows a protagonist as they navigate dungeons in both Japan and a shadow world. The world of the game includes MINDs, which are basically spirits that can make anyone powerful as long as they can manipulate them into doing so. In order to use the power of the MINDs, players must battle them in dungeons.

There are other monsters about in Mind Zero — demons, spirits, and other mythological beings all create obstacles. The game features over forty hours of gameplay, which includes side quests in addition to the main battles. It’s also possible to utilize a Gallery Mode in the game that allows you to explore Mind Zero‘s music and artwork.

Aksys is primarily known for Zero Escape, a visual novel adventure franchise. Zero Escape 3 was officially announced last year and, much like the other games, plays around with the idea of choice. According to the publisher’s website, “choice is your only method of salvation and your only means of escape” in Zero Escape 3. “How much of your humanity will you sacrifice to earn your freedom?” is the ominous question that the website poses.

Franchise creator Kotaro Uchikoshi first announced Zero Escape 3 at Anime Expo in summer 2015, although the company had been hinting about the project as early as spring of last year. The game will be released summer 2016, although there has not been a specific date announced yet.