Postal Redux Announced For 2016 PC Release

Postal Redux
In the world of video games, everything old is new again. With this in mind, today’s announcement from developer Running With Scissors that it will be remaking its smash-hit parental-nightmare-in-a-box Postal may not be mind-blowing, but it’s certainly good news for twin-stick shooter fans. The new game is called Postal Redux, and it will be out this spring for PC.

Running With Scissors released an extensive press release outlining the game’s details, providing screenshots to show off the Redux’s prettification, and even included an announcement trailer, which you can watch here:

As far as what to expect, anyone familiar with the Postal series, twin-stick shooters, or even just video games in the ’90s will easily recognize the original game’s distinct brand of suburban carnage. The trailer features the protagonist, Postal Dude, waltzing around a variety of urban and suburban locales, shooting innocent bystanders, taking on cops in heated firefights, and even torching an entire marching band.

“In POSTAL Redux, players take control of The POSTAL Dude as he battles to survive in a world gone MAD,” Running With Scissors stated. “Crazed gunmen are out for blood and wait around every corner. Players fight back with a destructive arsenal as they make their way through a kill-or-be-killed psychological Thriller.”

New to the Redux is a game mode known as Rampage. This puts a spin on the classic by adding a score multiplier for players who can string kills or destructive carnage together. Players will receive an overall “grade” at the end of a Rampage run, because honestly without feedback, how can we improve?

Meanwhile, check out a gallery of new screenshots!