Overfall Lets Players Create Their Own Stories – With Chris Avellone’s Help

is already looking like a pretty sweet deal for role-playing game fans. But if the delightful art or promise of a complex narrative and hand-crafted fantasy world haven’t drawn you in, maybe you need a bit more convincing. How about some help from Chris Avellone?

Overfall developer Pera Games has announced that the game will feature a unique Story Builder, which will allow players to craft their own narratives and import them into the game to add to its suite of emergent encounters. The best part? To help ensure that the Overfall community’s cup runneth over with only the highest-quality writing, Pera Games has teamed up with renowned game developer and RPG Narrative Important Dude Chris Avellone, veteran of games like Planescape: Torment and Pillars of Eternity.

To prove that he’s taking his role as unofficial narrative consultant to the masses seriously, Avellone has released in conjunction with Pera Games to release his Overfall Game Writing Style Guide. This hallowed game writing tome is a nearly 10,000-word overview of the elements of style (no not those Elements of Style), covering everything from differences between American and British English to how to write dialogue and handle the order of operations for character encounters.

Overfall will be available on Steam Early Access March 1, but who knows how quickly the Steam community will pour forth with its user mods and story modules? Why not ruminate on the endless possibilities while you watch this trailer.