Ubisoft Releases Unity DLC for Heroes of Might & Magic VII


Heroes Might & Magic VII first released back on September 29, 2015, and today we’re finally getting the first DLC from Ubisoft. This new DLC known as Unity is the first of a two-part DLC campaign called The Lost Tales of Axeoth which brings in written script that was originally meant for Heroes of Might & Magic IV and best of all, Unity is available all for the price of zero dollars. Continue the narrative driven story with rich RPG progression and turn-based strategy with the start of this free DLC campaign.

As mentioned, Unity is the first part of the DLC campaign, The Lost Tales of Axeoth. Players will follow the story of Genevieve Seymour in which his journey will take him to a new unexplored world after an event has caused the destruction of the world Enroth along with centenarian knowledge of magic. In order to restore these lost spells and create a new brand of magic philosophy, Genevieve Seymour begins her quest by tracking down sorcerers who are willing to spread their knowledge of magic.

According to the recent press release that was sent out this morning, Heroes of Might & Magic VII’s Unity DLC will offer gamers ten hours of extra gameplay that will cover five new maps along with over eighty returning characters and creatures from Heroes of Might & Magic VII. Additionally, the new game elements are available for players who wish to create their very own maps and mods.

Gamers can pick up the new Unity DLC by downloading the free 1.7 update for Heroes of Might & Magic VII. However, as of right now, it’s unknown when the second installment to The Lost Tales of Axeoth is slated to release.