Quantum Break Windows 10 Port Being Developed By Remedy

quantum break pc specs header
Remedy Entertainment has revealed that they are themselves working on the Windows 10 port of Quantum Break.

Remedy has not disclosed how long they have been working on the Windows 10 version, but they state that they are putting a lot of effort into it. This effort would apparently go into optimizing the game for Windows 10, including use of DirectX 12, but also Windows 10’s unique features, such as its ability to use and optimize graphics cards from different companies.

Remedy and Microsoft shared gameplay footage, that created concern with fans because of the graphical quality. Remedy had to clarify that they were showing off an earlier build designated as the press demo. The screen tearing issues and in cut scenes and the issues with Jack’s jacket physics have already been fixed, and the final product will look much better.

Since Remedy is making the port, it is hoped that they can make the best possible version of the game for Windows 10. Of course, they have the advantage of direct support from the operating system developers as well.

You can read more coverage of  Quantum Break on GameRanx. Remedy teased last month that they are close to finishing development. Near the end of January a rating for a Windows version came up from the Brazilian classification board. Yesterday, Microsoft officially confirmed the Windows 10 version, and shared its high level system requirements. Microsoft also unveiled the Xbox One Quantum Break special edition, which includes a copy of the game for Windows 10.

Quantum Break will be releasing on April 5, on both Xbox One and Windows 10.