Gears of War 3 unlikely this gen

Gears of War 2 screenshot

With anticipation on what features should be expected from Gears of War 3, now speculation is rising on whether or not it will see the light during the life cycle of current generation of consoles. Epic Games president Michael Capps has said that if there’s a third Gears of Wars game, it will be released on next-gen consoles.

After addressing the audience at the Tokyo Game Show, Capp’s sat down for a Q&A session, held with eurogamer, in which he said “Epic has been working on Unreal Engine 4 for the past seven years in preparation for the next hardware generation.”
He later added, “We’re very concerned that the next generation will be massively parallel and most engines won’t be able to adapt for that, if there were a next Gears of War, that will be for the next console generation, whenever that is. If someone knows, please tell me! That’s about four or five years away, I think.”

He also discussed the increase in development costs for current gen titles, but claimed that they’ve managed to keep the expenses down significantly and also said that it cost less to make Gears of War 2 than the original game. Although the team working on the sequel was larger, the development time was shorter.

Capp’s has now reiterated over his previous comments claiming that he misspoke on when or in which generation, the next Gears title is likely to arrive.