Love Blossoms With The Romantic Garden Stuff Pack For The Sims 4, Out Now

With a few days left to go before Valentine’s Day to go, The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff has arrived. Announced a week ago, this item pack is now available for download.

With this new bundle of content you’ll find ornate, vince-covered columns, gilded marble fountains, lush bushes and a stunning array of bright and fanciful flowers to spruce up your the grounds of your Sims estates, as well as new outfits, hairstyles, and gameplay features to enjoy them with. A new park will also be added with this stuff pack, called The Lost Gardens of Healing with a new radio station featuring a Baroque style of music inspired by the 1600s. The wishing well is also back! Originally in The Sims 2: Seasons and later sold as an individual item in the virtual store for The Sims 3, this item will bestow a wish to your Sim for the cost of a Simoleon. There are a total of nine wishes and 54 outcomes, each determined by the “mood” of the wishing well, illustrated by the sculpted faces lining the roof. The Fountain of Gluteus Maximus, a brand new item to the series, serves as a lovely little spot where your Sims can sit, flirt, and start a romance. It’s also a butt joke.

Personally my favorite part of The Sims is building elaborately constructed houses with ornate landscaping to match and this stuff pack is looking like one of the best yet for gardening. Combined with the recent free content released in celebration of The Sims‘ 16th anniversary, which added gardening services back into the game, you could have one of most well sculpted yards so far in your Sims life.

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