This Fan’s 7 Year Pre-order For The Last Guardian Was Cancelled, For A Good Reason

A fan just revealed that his pre-order for long awaited Fumito Ueda game The Last Guardian was just cancelled, after seven years. However, there was a good reason for the pre-order to get cancelled.

The retailer in question was ShopTo.Net. As they explained to the fan in a letter, they can no longer supply the promised item because it will no longer be coming to the PlayStation 3, its original platform. They explained to their customer that he will have to make another preorder for it, now on PlayStation 4, and at the price they now set. You can read the screencap of the message the fan received below.

The Last Guardian Shopto preorder

What is astounding about all this is that the pre-order stayed active for seven years. Shopto could have updated this pre-order as early as last year, when Sony (re)unveiled it during E3. However, they could have just as well cancelled the pre-order in the years since 2009 when news on The Last Guardian faded.

Another fan shared another pre-order he has outstanding, this time via retailer Amazon. Incredibly enough, he has a standing order for both The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, now known as Final Fantasy XV. His order has not been canceled, although the platforms for both have moved.

The Last Guardian FFXV Amazon preorder

The Last Guardian will be released on PlayStation 4. Sony and Gen Design have yet to announce a specific date, but it is expected to release this year. You can read more about The Last Guardian‘s development, on how it switched platforms from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 in 2012, and how it was almost cancelled if not for the fans.