Black Ops 3: New Weapons Discovered in Patch 1.06, How To Test Them (Guide)


Most of the weapons you can unlock in any Call of Duty multiplayer game are available by simply playing the game and earning levels. However, this may be about to change based on a discovery by players of Black Ops 3.

In Black Ops 3, the items you get in supply drops only offer visual customization, like weapon skins and emblems. These supply drops can only be unlocked through the use of cryptokeys (earned through playing) and Call of Duty Points.

Players have shared their concerns about the possibility that a host of new weapons, discovered in the game’s latest update, version 1.06, may be only attainable through these supply drops. We note that this remains entirely in the realm of speculation, and that the game’s developers may not necessarily intend to release the new weapons as paid items.

The new content includes the following weapons:

  • Fury’s Song
  • M2 Raider
  • Marshal 16
  • NX Phantom
  • Iron Jim

You can watch some of them in action in the video below.

A redditor going by tessub2 wrote a small guide on how to test these new weapons for yourself:

  1. Make sure Black Ops 3 is closed out completely.
  2. Go to your Console settings and turn off/disconnect Network.
  3. Open Black Ops 3 again and select Multiplayer Local.
  4. Go to Edit Game Rules and select Competitive.
  5. Select Create A Class under Item/Ban Restrictions and Restrict all weapons except for the new ones.
  6. Exit that and go to Bot Settings and turn on desired Bots.
  7. Start the match and try to pick up a weapon dropped by a Bot, they should be holding one of the New guns!

NOTE: If you only happen to pick up the M2 Raider all the time, exit the match and Restrict that gun as well to use the other weapons.