Hitman To Go All In On Episodic Storytelling, Preorder Bonuses Revealed

Himan PS4 beta
As revealed in a new feature from the PlayStation Blog, I/O Interactive is going all in on the episodic format for Hitman.

Hitman will tell several narratives over the course of several episodes, similar to a TV show. There will be smaller stories, of Agent 47’s targets, isolated to an episode. And then there are longer arcs involving the series regulars. These would be Agent 47 himself, Diana Burnwood, members of the ICA, and more.

The story plays out throughout the course of several seasons. The first such season will start at launch, and ends with an episode based in Japan. I/O implies episodes will at least last until 2017.

Hitman Sarajevo Six

Square Enix has sweetened the pot for preorders with what it calls the Requiem Blood Money Pack. You can suit the Agent up with the immaculately white Requiem Legacy suit, a striped Blood Money shirt, red tie, and white gloves. Along with these come an ICA-18 chrome pistol and white rubber duck explosive.

If you preorder the game on PlayStation 4, you get more exclusive content, in the form of The Sarajevo Six. These are six exclusive contracts targeting members of private military organization CICADA, based in Europe and the Middle East.

At the top of the list is CICADA veteran and European boss Scott Samo. Nicknamed The Director, Samo is well trained and always surrounded by other agents. You can learnĀ more about Samo and the PlayStation exclusive content here.

Hitman will launch with the Intro PackĀ on March 11 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. You can buy the Intro Pack at $ 15, or get the Season One Pass now at $ 60.