Gameranx is Giving Away Copies of Magicka!

Leave a suggestion for a new spell to use in Magicka, and you could win a copy of Magicka! Hooray! We've five whole BUNDLES to give away, too! If your idea is “blue screen of death spell” or “call in a napalm strike” or “giant fiery tits that crush your enemies while burning them” then you're shit out of luck, my friend. The first two spells are already in the game, and that third idea is a personal turn-on of mine—and I'll not have you corrupting it, thank you very much.

So, bros and girls, fire away! Leave your suggestions! I know you're posting in the comments section of a video game website, but try to contain yourself – keep the racial and homophobic epithets to a minimum, as we tend to frown on those, and you wouldn't want to see Ian when he's angry.

Speaking of Ian, he'll be posting updates about this contest from his twitter account, so keep an eye on things by checking over there!