Elder Scrolls Online is Getting a Performance Upgrade WIth DX12 Support

Elder Scrolls Online
, the MMORPG based on Bethesda’s series of role-playing games, is getting a huge new update to add DirectX 12 support to the game. The update will offer framerate improvements for anyone with a DX12-supporting graphics card, like Nvidia’s 9xx series.

Framerates tend to dip in areas where many players are present, particularly during large-scale PVP battles with dozens of players on screen. In the game’s PVP region, things can get particularly hectic. The addition of DX12 support will provide a framerate boost for any player with an applicable graphics card.

The game’s developers at Zenimax Online Studios revealed their plans to add DX12 support in a recent livestream. They were unable to provide an estimate for when they plan to release it, but say that the game will see some major improvements in terms of performance.

In addition to the DX12 support, the company says that they are planning to utilize the recently unlocked 7th CPU core on the PlayStation 4, which will allow them to get even more performance out of the game on the console. They were unable to provide exact details on when they will update the game with these improvements, however.

The studio recently dated the game’s Thieves Guild DLC for release on March 23 across all platforms. You can read more about what it includes here. The DLC is free for anyone with an active subscription. It costs 2,000 crowns if you purchase it from the in-game store. It’s also available in a bundle for 4,000 crowns that includes some special goodies.