Sony Getting its own Smash Bros?

Another post, another unconfirmed rumour. This is another of those rumours that sounds far too good to be true, it's something fans have been interested in for a while and it's now something that has popped up on the Paul Gale Network

Just for context, the Paul Gale network was the site that 'leaked' Kojima's next big game. Remember?

"I’ve been told that Hideo Kojima’s current “taboo” game in the works is based off a doctor in New York City that regularly performs circumcision to boys as part of his doctoral duties, but when his wife gives birth and he performs his own son’s circumcision and it goes wrong (killing his newborn baby), he becomes a mass murderer by using the list of all newborns in NYC that he’s performed operations on, and killing them at their family’s homes while they sleep."

Yup, it's that guy again. This time he says that Sony has their very own Super Smash Bros style game planned, although Gale doesn't give a name, developer, pictures or proof, nor does he give any sort of release/announcement window. So what we have here is a case of trust him and see.

"This is real and this is awesome. The game plays on a 2D plane much like Smash Bros. does, with plenty of Sony branded characters making up the combatants. Just who are some of these playables? This isn’t a full revealing, so I’ll tell you the following: Kratos, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Fat Princess, Parappa, Sweet Tooth, and Rico (Killzone).

"The stages are vibrant and varied, just like in Smash Bros., and the style of play is geared towards people that like that series. Expect pretty colorful backgrounds (when appropriate), such as in Misty Island from Jak and Daxter and LittleBigPlanet. In the latter of the two, much like the game it stems from, there are all sorts of cool objects spawning all throughout your match, adding a lot of fan service to the level."

At this point, presume this whole thing is just for hits – it's not entirely outside of the realm of possibility though.