Leaked Picture Shows Mass Effect 3’s Ashley in Armor for the First Time

Attendees to Saturday’s Mass Effect 3 panel at New York Comic Con were treated mostly to new details on comic tie-ins, but they also got a few brief glimpses at the franchise’s upcoming third installment. According to a photo that’s been leaked out of the event, that included the first look at squad member Ashley Williams in combat armor.

BioWare has previously revealed what Ashley will look like when she’s relaxing on the Normandy with her hair down, but the leaked photo clearly showcases her in something a bit more combat friendly, complete with the braided updo she wore in the first game. As you can see, the bottom left corner of the slide features the same blue catsuit we’ve seen before, but directly above that are a couple different angles giving us our first blurry glimpse of the sergeant in full battle gear.

Of course, the slide also showcases some armor concepts for Ashley’s male counterpart, Kaidan Alenko, but let's face it: we probably all let him die on Virmire anyway.

Expect to get a much clearer glimpse of Ashley once Mass Effect 3 launches for the 360, PS3, and PC next March 6.