Battlefield 3 PC on Lowest Graphical Settings has “Similar Visuals To Consoles”

The PS3 is now 5 years old, with the 360 having been out that little bit longer. That's why the upcoming release of Battlefield 3 has been marred by a thousand arguements over whether or not the PC version of the game is being made to its fullest capacity. Have the console versions really been holding the PC version back?

The answer, if this picture is anything to go by, is a heartfelt "no!" On its lowest graphical settings, according to this slide from a Nvidia Geforce LAN presentation by Johan Andersson, the PC version has "similar visuals to consoles."

Of course, this is the sort of thing console games will get wound up about but, keep in mind, the PS3/360 version of the game still looked incredibly impressive. If that's the only version of the game you can play, either due to an older PC or because you're getting it on consoles, there's no reason to be disappointed.