Some of Battlefield 3’s Maps Detailed

We're only a couple of weeks away from the release of Battlefield 3, but you can start learning about some of the multiplayer maps right now. The Battlefield Blog has posted some information on 4 maps in the upcoming large-scale shooter, which includes locations from Iran to Paris.

Operation Firestorm is an oil field that is a humongous battleground–so big, that you could fit three Atacama Desert maps from Bad Company 2–and will heavily focused on vehicle warfare.

Operation Metro, which was playable in the beta, is an urban map that is a bit more infantry-oriented than Operation Firestorm and is known for great change in scenery.

Tehran Highway is an Iranian location inspired by the skyline of real-world Tehran. It tries to strike a balance between vehicle and infantry warfare, and is atmospheric to boot.


Lastly, there's Damavand Peak. It's a mountain top map which focuses heavily on vertical warfare, as it has the "most extreme height differences ever in a Battlefield map." Naturally the view is amazing, too!